Thursday, February 11, 2010

Festive greetings!

I will be away from 14th - 22nd February and will not be able to respond to any email enquiries... So for those who have submitted any enquiries this week all the way till 22nd feb, please be patient... i will respond to you the moment i get back!

Have a great time celebrating with your families and loved ones!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cookie Competition

Recently, I participated in a festive cookie competition via Malaysia Cake Decorator's Club. As most of you would know.. I've never done much decorative cookies. Actually, i have never done any! But i love the challenge... Took me half a day to bake some cookies and about 2 days to think of an idea and to create it! :P

One can submit a maximum of 3 cookies but i made 6! This is because i din like the first 3 i made and i continued to toy ard with other ideas... Finally, i chose to submit this 3 (with the help of my dear friends, brother & hubs who helped me choose...)

valentine day cookie
This is a valentine's day theme cookie... I wasn't completely happy with this one... I meant to make it somewhat different... or maybe it's just because i'm bored of teddies already? :P

happy teacher's day
The 2nd one is a Happy Teacher's Day theme! This was the only one i'm happy with :P I wanted the cookies to come out.. like more 3d type of design... and this is quite close to what i had in mind :)

wedding cookie
And last but not least, a wedding cookie! I always like simple designs for wedding cakes.. so i made this design.. and the V&W is to represent me & hubs! :)

And guess what??? I bagged all the top 3 prizes!!! Reliable teddy won the 1st place while teacher's day took the 2nd placing and wedding cookie won 3rd placing :)

I'm very surprise but at the same time very happy! :) Thanks to all who took the time to vote!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's Day order closing...... SOON!

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Valentine's Day order closes this weekend!
For those who'd still like to order,
please do so as soon as possible!

Thank you!