Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding Cake as Centerpiece!

Wan Chin & Wei Foong ties the knot! :)

They are such a sweet couple. Because they wont have the opportunity to wear traditional chinese costumes for their wedding, they requested it for their mini cake! And it is to be displayed on their main table!

Worked with 2 of my favorite vendors! Jason from floralsense created a beautiful main table set up and prepared some wine glasses for me to place the cake! While Kewynn from Whizart took these 2 pictures for me! :)

Wan Chin's Wedding

Wan Chin's Wedding

Congratulations again Wan Chin & Wei Foong!

Little Einstein theme

A simple theme of Little Einstein for Amanda's friends @ school! Annette requested them for her daughter's birthday :)

Little Einsteins!

Glad you like them!! Hope it was a great celebration :)

A Wedding Gift

I need to tell a little story. A very cute one. I received a few orders for the same date and later, I found out that... A is ordering for B who is getting married same day as her birthday. A is B's very good friend. B who have been quite stressed out with her wedding plans also placed an order but it's for their 1st wedding anniversary. B has been quite upset with how things does not go as she hoped it would.

A on the other hand... asked me to reject her order as she wants to surprise B and hopefully make up with all the not-so-happy encounter she's been going thru!

Then i found out... both of them are my juniors and i know who they are! LOL... all in all, everything worked according to A's plan. B had a great wedding and was very surprised with her birthday cake (cum wedding cake?) hehehe....

A wedding gift

A wedding gift

A wedding gift

A wedding gift

Congratulations again Millie! Here's a toast to you & ur *jap* hubby! May the both of you stay in love forever & grow old together! xoxox

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Launching of My Little Corner

My Little Corner was launched last Sunday. It was crazy preparing towards it coz prior to the opening... We had lots of crazy orders! That's how it always is.. Madness always come together!

The launch was definitely successful! Everyone we invited came :)
Thanks for the amazing support - you know who you are *grin*

Anyway, just a little info on what "my little corner" is all about... It is apart of Whizart's Boutique Studio. Besides designer cakes, there's also bridal gowns, wedding stationary & wedding photography. Those of you interested to view any of the above can pop by to the boutique and view!

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11am - 7pm ; Sat & Sun - By appointment only

We am not based there but we can always meet there ~ also by appointment only. We will prefer to meet after we have done the basic ground work discussion. Please understand that we need to work on all the sugar art pieces most of the time... :) For those who would like to have a look at these sugar art pieces can pop over!

For those of you who missed out on the launch.. here are some pictures of what
my-little-corner is all about!


my little corner

my corner~!

mini cake with english rose
full bloom english rose mini cake

my name card
name card

my little corner
just married wedding cake
(perfect as a gift!)

just married cake

just married cake

just married cake

a gift
The little frame behind is a present from our friend Shaun. The picture inside is actually a recent order made for Dell for their launch :) Thanks!

baby's 1st birthday cake
baby's 1st birthday cake
(I actually made this cake specially for my niece Andrea's birthday)

baby's 1st birthday cake

Below are some sample cupcakes in the glass display

sample cupcakes

more sample cupcakes

more more more

forgive me?

christmas reindeer

more samples

hooked on u

sugar poppy flower
This is a poppy seed flower made from sugar!

my little corner
Sesame Street's building blocks cake

happy sesame street cake
Lil elmo

cookie monster
hungry cookie monster

little elmo
happy elmo

big bird
big bird

fullmoon sample
sample fullmoon cupcakes

simple wedding cake
simple wedding cake

my little corner

glass display

and more from the glass display below!

my little corner

sugar art replica

my little corner

We also prepared 100 cuppies as door gift!

my little corner

my little corner

cupcakes to be given out

my little corner

my little corner

my little corner

my little corner

Last but not least, this is our front glass display!

outdoor glass display

We am very excited with Whizart's Boutique Studio. This collaboration between us, the wedding vendors is such a great idea thanks to the effort from Kewynn & Alishia!

Monday, September 7, 2009


I've been dying to announce this but I've been crazy busy!

love-a-cupcake is launching "my-little-corner"


This is definitely a big step for us! It will still remain an online 'cum' home based business but for those of you who wishes to have a look at some of the sample cakes & cupcakes, you can head over to 'my-little-corner'! I will try my best keep my little corner as updated and as interesting as possible :) Of course we can also make plans to meet and discuss your orders there :)

We have tied up with our favorite wedding photographer who always capture amazing shots of our cakes/cupcakes! Plus of course they a great people to work with!

So, when you go over to have a look at the sample cakes & cupcakes... you will also get to meet Kewynn the Photographer and Alishia the amazing card & stationary maker from One Tree! On top of that, you will also get to see some of the amazing wedding gowns created by Chiffon & Lace and That Special Occasion.

Definitely a ONE STOP for those of you planning for your wedding!


This SUNDAY 13th of September will be the beginning of our boutique studio!
To those of you who are free, pop by & pay us all a visit and enjoy these promotions!

New flavor cupcakes to be given out to the first 100 guests
Special wedding & baby full moon packages
* Offer is only valid when you sign up with us during opening

RM200 rebate off any of Ke Wynn’s Package and RM500 rebate off any of Danny’s Package (Our senior Photographer)
Lucky Draw includes FREE 3 hour engagement portraits to be given to one lucky couple!
* Offer is only valid when you sign up with us during opening

Lucky Draw includes one FREE Just Married Car Plate
Free customization fee for wedding invitation cards
* Offer is only valid when you sign up with us during opening

Free gown sketches by Kris Wong
20% discount on sale of off-the-rack gowns
Orders for made-to-measure gowns will come with a ROM dress FOC (standard designs for ROM dress apply)

RM200 cash vouchers to be given out to the first 50 couples

Here are the details of our opening:
Date: 13th Sept 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 2pm – 6pm (Open to Public)
Location: 35, Lebuh Lembah Permai 1, 11200 Tanjung Bungah, Penang

For directions, go to and do a search for Whizarts.

Hope to see you guys there!!