Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year!

Actually, I was hoping to find time to make some special new year cuppies to dedicate to all of you... but needless to say, I was not able to find the time to do so! It's been a crazy december... Not crazy just because of the orders but it's also because a lot of family & friends are back! Really close ones! 

My new year resolution is to be more organized! 

I'm sure most of u are aware that I'm trying to stop taking orders till further notice... Well, making cuppies started of as a hobby but because of ur overwhelming support, I've been 'overwhelmed' with orders till I lose track why I'm making it. To cut the story short... I think I need to draw a line between hobby & a business... So, another new resolution which I need to find time to think and make is... if I want to remain it a hobby (taking minimal orders while enjoying them) or to grow it into a business! Hehehehe... I definitely won't give it up. That much I know because I really do enjoy making them... But when overwhelmed, my creativity dies and my motivation to continue making them dies along... When I actually have time to make them out of inspiration... oohhhh the feeling is so satisfying! 

Nevertheless, I still would like to take this opportunity to thank all of u for ur continuous support & encouragement... It's been an amazing year for me. Lots of roller coaster drama which results in a lot of lessons learnt. Made tons of new friends.... I'm happy with my 2008. Hope all of u have had a great 2008 too!

Here's to 2-0-0-9! Happy New Year!

Hobby or business, be on a look out for more amazing stuffs from love-a-cupcake!

Body Tone: Power Plate

Power Plate is now available in Penang! :) At Body Tone Island Plaza :) It is opened by a friend of mine... and for their opening, they requested for a special power plate cake! Quite a challenge really coz in our humid weather, to do a 3-d figure that stands, not very easy :P The result...

a little christmas teddy sitting by the power plate

and it stood! yeah!!! hehehe... 

Some of u may be wondering... what is power plate? It's an amazing exercise machine. Read more about it - here or visit for more info!

Congratulations on ur opening!

Full Moon: Baby Kai Wen

Mummy Jer Shyan's baby Kai Wen is celebrating his Full Moon! So she requested for lots of cuppies - as gifts :)

lots of teddy cuppies


a set of 3 cuppies

packed in a box ready to go :)

i love the boxes! my cousin helped me make them...

and the most amazing part of the box is.... the ribbons function as the box holder!

for mr choo choo chooo

Ying is back for more cuppies! :) 

It's specially for mr choo-choo *grin* who loves...


tau sar pneah




Hope both of u had a great celebration in KL!

Love for Golf & Whisky

Sherita requested cuppies with the theme of golf & whiskey :)

a bottle of whiskey at the golf course

Hope it was a great birthday celebration!

Full of Love

This is a belated post.. Realized i missed this while sorting out my pictures :P  Sorry Nikki! Anyway, Nikki requested for special cuppies topped with all his favorites :)

a red ferrari

fast food

he's a TVB fan!

poker cards

casino chips



All together!

Hope it was a great birthday celebration!

Pigs having fun in the mud pool

Louise is back from NZ! :) And she requested for pig-gy cuppies for her cousin... the result...

playful piggies in a pool of mud!

I'm glad u like them!! :)

Keep Your Dreams Alive!

It's been a while since I made simple cuppies with fresh fruit topping... I always find them tempting :) hehehe...  

These cuppies are made specially for a piano teacher who's leaving for the states to pursue her dreams! 

All the best!

3 best buds

Ying also requested cuppies for her friend... She wanted figures of them, the 3 best buds to be on the cuppies. Each of them represented by an adorable animal :)


moo moo


all of them together!

hope the 3 of u had a great time celebrating! :)