Thursday, December 25, 2008

How it all began...

Last year... around June/July... i was still completely clueless what sugar paste/fondant was.. It was when my dear friend from the states, Sherene who came back for holidays... and she was asking me to look out for 'fondant' wedding cake for my other dear friend June (who's also from the states). And that was when Sherene brought me over to Borders to look at books on what fondant is all about. I was overwhelm and couldn't believe that these things are possible... 

But of course, I bought a few books... and more and more and more and i've lost count :P And then, there's the world of Flickr and google and the internet... and there's also the amazing Debbie Brown... and amazing friends i met and my amazement for fondant turned into passion and the rest is history! 

Both Sherene & June did not stop at introducing to me what fondant was... they continued to support me as I pursue to understand more about it. They bought me lots of gadgets I couldn't find around in Malaysia, sent me links, pics and gave me all the inspirations :)

June & Sher,

 this christmas, i'd like to take the opportunity to thank both of u for making it all possible... :)

Made these specially for the both of u....

june, i'm sure u know wat this is... it's happily up on my xmas tree 

Sher, this is my other favorite xmas ornament which i got from Oz dedicated for u

thank u for everything!

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June said...

awwwwwwwwww...thanks for this post Ween Nee! =)