Thursday, May 29, 2008


I hope this will not become a habit! But I've been really busy... so, no choice but post all posts at one go! Have fun and enjoy my latest 21 posts :)

21: Purple-licious

Siew Mei wanted to customize something special for her friend. Her friend loves bowling, purple, poodle, purse & skirts! So... here goes!

Poodle with purple collar

Bowling bowl & pins



Hope you guys had a great time celebrating!

All together!

20: Boy & Froggy

Anna requested for a mini cake with a boy holding roses & froggies!

Jumping frog!

Froggie gone crazy?

Happy froggies

Happy Happy Happy always....

19: Little Mermaid & Friends

Monica, staff from Manila Place ordered Little Mermaid theme mini cake for her friend, Jennifer

Ariel resting while flounder & sebastian accompanies her



18: Strawberry Shortcake Returns!

Joseph ordered cuppies with special decors.... slowly scroll down!

Teddies, tomatoes, sushi & strawberry shortcake!

Strawberry shortcake returns!

Happy 21st Wei Jo!

17: Koala in Lollipop Land

Vincent ordered this cupcakes for a week earlier but I had to postpone the order. Luckily he was very understanding about it. This is his request...

Koala bear

Rainbow coloured lollipop with M&Ms

Volkswagon beetle & strawberries

More lollipops

Happy 22nd Mabel!

PS: sorry for the delay :)

16: Mom's Surrounded by Loved Ones

Keith order cupcakes for his mom. He wanted his mom to be in the middle surrounded by her loved ones...

Keith's mom

Keith & Francis

Melody & Azhar





Glad you guys had a great time!

15: Best of Friends

Bernice requested for face cupcakes. Birthday girl in the middle, surrounded by her friends :)

Their names are "tattoo-ed" on their faces - you know who u are!

Hope u all had a great time celebrating :)

14: Shoe-a-holic

Elie requested for me to do a theme with lots of heels! Her friend absolute loves to shop for shoes! I can think of a few of my friends who really loves shoes too! But then again, don't all girls?

Happy Birthday Yeong Lyn!

13: Keroro & Dororo

Mei Mei ordered a mini cake with special figures on it. Never heard of them till she requested for them. They are very cute!!!

Hope you guys had a great time celebrating!

12: Happy Cuppy

As promised, a replacement cuppy for Ms Yeap :)

11: Debbie Brown Day Three

Our final day! We started off with a surprise demo of "Winnie The Pooh Bear" using real cake by Debbie. Once again, she managed to make it look so so simple!

First, she put 2 cakes together and started carving them into a ball shape. Then, she carved its hand, tummy & back... Once that's done....

She started to work on the head. Once again... 2 pcs of cake shaped into a ball. Then it is carved further to make it look like umm... a head!

Once that's done, the head & the body is combined together. A lot of us thinks that it looks more like barney the purple dinosaur at this stage *grin*

Then the cake is iced with a layer of butter cream. Leave it to set for a while before we start to cover it with fondant!

First, she covered the fondant aroud its hand before starting on the body

Then the head is covered - don't really resemble it yet-eh?

Then, the head is carefully shaped... and then, the ears & legs are added. Looks like now?

Finally, the most important piece - the red shirt! And his eyes!

And the final result! Love it!


Then we started to work on a magic castle. I did not take much picture during the process of doing it. Only the final product!

Me & my tall castle together with Debbie Brown

Prize giving session!


My magic castle & tiny angels

Group pics! I made many new friends here. There were quite a number of participants from out of Malaysia - Singapore, Korea, India...


Debbie's Art Work over the 3 days


Tom & Jerry

Baby Ballerina

Fairy Prince & Princess

Princess barbie


Group shots with new-found-friends

Me & Swati from India

Cheryl, Debbie, Me & Swati

Me & Cheryl

Dora & Kak Yom (my cool 'nenek')

Liyana & Me

Liyana, me & Kak Yom locked out of our own room!!!

Then we all went out for dinner... oh boy... we had so much fun!!!

Dinner @ Absolute Thai, The Curve with Dila & Ida. With this 2 around... u'll never stop laughing! They are da' bomb! They are also my roomies u see.... By about 11.30pm, I was ready to sleep but guess what? Dila's hungry! And we're all dragged out of bed to company her to McD's! hahahahahaha...

Dila's so happy :)

Say hi to kak Ros, Dila, Ida & Chami! All except Ida is from Singapore!


Breakfast in the Morning @ Royal Bintang

Looky here! Debbie Brown who's staying @ Royal Bintang as well, joined us for breakfast! And of course, a group pic is a must!

Before we go our own separate ways, final shots with my 'nenek'

Dila - da bomb!

Kak Chami & Kak Ros!

Keep in touch guys! It's been great :)