Thursday, May 29, 2008

09: Debbie Brown Day 1

Recently, I was privileged with the chance to attend Debbie Brown's course. Debbie Brown to me is the 'GURU' of fondant art! Her work is simply amazing! She's published many books and there'll be many more to come... Here are snippets from the course.... For our first day, we learn how to do 'baby ballerina' :) It is so easy especially when DB does it. I think most of us spent so much time redo-ing our limbs -legs & hands... We took one day for this... can u imagine that???

First, we cover the board, create the box & her legs. This is the result of my leg after 6 times redoing :)

Then my baby ballerina have both her legs as well as her skirt!

This is how we keep the skirt in shaped

Then baby ballerina gets her body & her arms! I think this took more than half a day!

Then of course we added her head & a smile to her head. Can u see what her right leg is supporting on? Yeap! Another leg :P It cracked after lunch. So i decided to change it.

This is the result of DB's flawless artwork

And this is obviously mine!

That's all for DAY ONE!

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Min said...

Hi Ween, you are so lucky to get the chance to attend this course. Congrats ! Your work is very pretty..