Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mother's Day Selections

These are not cupcakes but mini sized cakes. One mini cake is equivalent to about 9pcs of big cupcakes. These mini cake is sold per whole cake :) Sorry for the confusion caused!
Hi all...

As promised, here are the mother's day selections for you to choose from! A few things to take serious note on:

  • We will only be doing cakes from these choices [we may be adding on a few more designs]
  • Limited orders for each designs
  • Orders closes on 7th May 2008
  • Orders to be picked up or collected from 10th - 12th May 2008
  • Each designs, you can choose ur own favourite base colour :)
  • You can customize ur own msg for your mom!
  • Cake size: 4 inch (diameter)
  • Cake flavors: choc chip, choc banana, coffee, strawberry, vanilla, lemon orange
  • Delivery available!!
  • Each box will come with a special see through holder box :)

1. You are my SUN-shine

2. Mother duckie leads-a-way!

3. Love you bear-y much!

4a. Happy Moo-ther's Day!

4b. Happy Moo-Moo-ther's Day

5. Customize your own mother & child figure! [send in pictures]

6. Heart full of LOVE

7. Garden of flowers

It will be based on first come first serve.

Email to order!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow White & 7 Dwarfs

I was looking out for this order for quite a while. A friend of mine told me that a friend is interested in this design abt 3 months back. Thought they werent serious but they are!!! I had so much fun making the dwarfs n re-learning their names :)



Grumpy! My favourite dwarf

Sneezy [hence the red nose]




The Prince Charming

And the pretty princess!

and they live happily ever after!

And there it is! My Snow White & 7 dwarfs with her prince charming!

Mother's Day Celebration

100pcs of these choc cupcakes will be given away on Mother's Day by Manila Place

Stay tuned for Mother's Day cupcakes sample to be up by next week! Specially customized cupcakes & mini cakes. For a limited number only :)

Ryan Giggs

Having done Liverpool..... I was waiting to do Manchester United! And within the same week, I got another order for just Ryan Giggs! Ratu Ann wanted to surprise her husband with these for his birthday.... I was actually busy and really wanted to say no to her but she was so sweet! I din have the heart to say 'no'! But i had fun working on this one :)

The cupcakes pretty much says it all! :)

Go Giggs!!

Hope u guys had a great time celebrating! Ann, i hope ur husband was surprised!!


Another simple but very cute cuppies theme... Bugs!

Lady bug - the only kind of bug i dont mind being bugged by!

Beetle vs lady bug! Beetle happens to be my absolutely favorite car. I did a couple of times before i was quite happy with it.... Now, if only i can turn it into the real thing!

Voila... Cuppies ordered by Shaun's gf for her friend... :) Here's the pics as promised!

Man's Bestfriend

Doggy cuppycakes for a dog lover! Pei Shing ordered specially for her boyfriend.

Sam & Max :)

Simple 4-pcs of cuppies :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Funky Harajuku Sisters

Louise wanted to surprise her sis for her birthday. Though she is currently in NZ but she could still make all the necessary arrangements to make a diff for her sis. Harajuku is a kind of fashion that's very funky but very attractive!

The harajuku sisters!

Their pets - terrier & schnauzer

The undying bonding of sister-ship

The final product :)

Hope it was a great celebration!!

You'll NEVER walk alone

It's never too late to give a guy anything to do with football!! (or so i'd think!) Anyway, Kiran wants to surprise her other half with cupcakes and Liverpool as the theme. My first thought for this was ................blank.................! Then she sent me pics of his favourite players and all.... and voila... the design is formulated :)

Steven Gerrard

Dirk Kuyt

Fernando Torres

John Arne Riise

Liverpool's latest player *grin*


kiran: i hope he was surprised?!

Red & White

Azreen wanted some mini cupcakes with red & white as the theme for her mother-in-law's birthday... :)

Polka Dots Cupcake

Heart shaped cupcakes

Fondant rose

Hope you all had a great celebration!