Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry merry christmas

this post is specially dedicated to:
my family & friends who have given me their undying support for my 'new' found passion;
and to all my customers for ur continuous support! :)

Earlier this month, i had 2 free days.. free of orders, meetings & chauffeuring ppl around. Wanted to sleep in but my christmas spirits were kicking in! I've been inspired by lots of little things all around but just did not have the time to do them... Initially, i had a bigger plan... to do these for all my friends who will be in Penang... and a lot more but well, i never really found the time to... 

So instead, i'll dedicate these limited creations to everyone! I cannot start naming because there's just simply TOOO many! You know who u are....

these 5 creation are inspired by Russ's snow bellies soft toys :) I'm naming them...

1. bear - for HOPE

2. penguin - for JOY

3. mousey - for PEACE

4. santa - for LOVE

5. reindeer - for u to make ur own wish :)



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retete- ina said...

super,nice blog,all are beautiful