Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year!

Actually, I was hoping to find time to make some special new year cuppies to dedicate to all of you... but needless to say, I was not able to find the time to do so! It's been a crazy december... Not crazy just because of the orders but it's also because a lot of family & friends are back! Really close ones! 

My new year resolution is to be more organized! 

I'm sure most of u are aware that I'm trying to stop taking orders till further notice... Well, making cuppies started of as a hobby but because of ur overwhelming support, I've been 'overwhelmed' with orders till I lose track why I'm making it. To cut the story short... I think I need to draw a line between hobby & a business... So, another new resolution which I need to find time to think and make is... if I want to remain it a hobby (taking minimal orders while enjoying them) or to grow it into a business! Hehehehe... I definitely won't give it up. That much I know because I really do enjoy making them... But when overwhelmed, my creativity dies and my motivation to continue making them dies along... When I actually have time to make them out of inspiration... oohhhh the feeling is so satisfying! 

Nevertheless, I still would like to take this opportunity to thank all of u for ur continuous support & encouragement... It's been an amazing year for me. Lots of roller coaster drama which results in a lot of lessons learnt. Made tons of new friends.... I'm happy with my 2008. Hope all of u have had a great 2008 too!

Here's to 2-0-0-9! Happy New Year!

Hobby or business, be on a look out for more amazing stuffs from love-a-cupcake!

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shintyan86 said...

hello.....attracted by your colorful cup-cakes . Still not accepting order? ^^