Wednesday, December 12, 2007

cup-a-cakes is now known as love-a-cupcake!

love-a-cupcake will officially begin on 010108

for all posting in 2007, please
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3sther said...

i am your first visitor to love-a-cupcake! and it's not even 010108 yet! Love it already! :)

ween said...

esthe my dearest cousin? how did u discover this page??

esther said...

i visit your blog every day!

Wen Ying said...

:) Happy New Year Ween Nee !
You bet, I will frequently visit your blog. :)

snuffles said...

happy new year! =D

hope u have new ideas and creations for the new year ...

i'll expect some nice cupcakes! =D


p.s. i'm gonna finish my exams soon so i'm gonna go to manila's to order my 1st batch of YOUR cupcakes! xD

Ellie! said...

It took me an hour to go through your entire blog but it was worth it! Your cakes are amazing :D Really inspirational. Ellie x