Tuesday, June 17, 2008

24: Thomas & Teddy

An old high school friend of mine, Swee Theng requested for thomas the train & teddy bear mini cake for her nephew... I've been wanting to try making Thomas for a while now. I thought it looked kinda easy but it was a lot more challenging than what I thought!


Side profile of Thomas

With the teddy bear...

I hope your nephew enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making them!


KittyCat said...

Thomas is so cute! I know my son *would* just bowl over from such a cake.

Can you tell me how much a cake like that would cost? How about cupcakes? I have a little story this Dec...

Pls write to me at kittycat2006[at]live[dot]com. Thanks!

Ian&Lina's Page said...

Hi Ween Nee,

This is Swee Theng's sister here. yea, Jamie did enjoy looking at the Thomas as well as EATING it. He ate the teddies too. Thanks a bunch for making it for him. You did a brlliant job ~!