Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Chinese New Year Cupcake Pictures!

These characters are chosen for its meaning to Chinese New Year...

Peach blossom - Luck

Mandarin Oranges - usually associated with good luck - it is exchanged among family & friends to usher in prosperity!

Ox - To usher in the Year of Ox!

Set 1 - Ox

Panda - just coz they make such adorable CNY decor

Set 2 - Panda

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For a summary, please look at the next post!

Thank you! May all of u be blessed with luck, prosperity & happiness this Year of Ox!


Gingerella said...

I love all your cupcakes and cakes! Do you do your letters with alphabet cookie cutters? If so, where can I get some similar as the font is quite modern!


ni-ni said...

oh those are so darling !