Saturday, February 28, 2009

10 years of love....

I know I've said this many many times... but I really enjoyed this doing this order. 

Clarence whom I was given the honor to do their wedding cupcakes recently, requested for me to do something for their 10 year anniversary! Feeling really psyched as always, I asked him to tell me some stories for inspiration. 10 years is a long time! I've not even reached that mark! hehehe... I wanted the cupcakes to portray their 10 years... 

We finally came out with 'their 10 years of love story...."

10 years of Love Story - part 1/6
he first saw her in college way back in 1999 and he knew she was the one!

10 years of Love Story - part 2/6
everyday after college, he would 'accompany' her on bike while she rides the mini bus home - to ensure she gets home safely! *so sweet*

10 years of Love Story - part 3/6
the then progressed to driving around & going around together in a car!

10 years of Love Story - part 4/6
and as the year passes by... their love continues to grow

10 years of Love Story - part 5/6
10 years later, they are pronounced husband & wife!

10 years of Love Story - part 6/6

congratulations!!! again


Anonymous said...

so sweet!!!!!!!! ;p

zharifzakaria said...

very clean and fluffy looking! my gf ordered 1 from you.. great job! :D

Kathryn said...

This is a lovely idea. And i'm totally surprised that their love story is quite closed to mine. I'll prolly request for cupcakes to be make when he's ready to propose. ^^