Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Humble Abode

Sorry for having been 'Missing-in-Action' for over a month now. As I've mentioned before, I will be busy all the way through till July! Some idea what I've been up to... 

Our New Home

Introducing to all of you.... our new humble abode! :) My brother who's an architect cum ID is my personal renovation consultant; while I was the main contractor with close guidance from a dear friend who's very experienced in house renovation, Adrian :) Lots of stress and frustrations but seeing the result... it is all 'oh-so-worth-it'!!!

Our Dining & my work area
this is our dining area which I've customized for it to be my work area as well. I can foresee myself spending countless hours working on this table! the lcd will be my companion :)

I will try to be more 'alive' - so much to tell but so little time... 

please bear with me, ok? :)


Nessa said...

I love, love the clean and minimalist look!

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous!

I just discovered this site, fascinating!

Planning my wedding, and your wedding cakes / cup cakes are giving me alot of inspiration! Could be very unusual and original to have these in a Norwegian wedding! :) Thanks

Angeline said...

Lovely home. Looks very cozy too.
When is the house warming? lol

Angela Chye said...

nice nice...really nice.i feel like ikea.hehe!

Anonymous said...

I like your tulip on the table, where you bought it? Can share?