Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Artsy Cake Design for ROM

My dear friend Sherene emailed me for an assignment - to challenge me and at the same time do her a favor! She sent me a design by Rachelle Anne Miller. It took me a while to digest the design and think of what i could do with it! Sher wants me to do it for her best bud, Nicky's registration. The stress was crazy... It is definitely something out of my norm but that's what real friends do to u! They challenge u to step OUT of your comfort zone :)

Despite all the doubts within myself... i was very happy with the result :)




An artsy cake

An artsy cake
this hedgehog design is also by Rachelle

An artsy cake

An artsy cake

An artsy cake

An artsy cake


Congratulations Nicholas & Jeannie :)

Read more about it here


Sarah-Jane - said...

What skill. Your cake is beautiful !

esty said...

love it!! it is very much like the picture :)

Sarah-Lyn said...

Absolutely Stunning!!!
You do such great work, very impressive :)


SweetThingsTO said...

I love it - it is perfect - the details are amazing!

Taija said...

That is AMAZING!! The details are perfect!

Amy said...

This is so cute!

Brandy L said...

WOW! Stunning. I love how detailed this cake is.

naim said...

Your work is amazing!!! I admire your skills and talent! ^v^

Juju said...

Oh my God! It´s really perfect!

Anonymous said...

Your work is so inspiring! absolutely beautiful!

Agnes Sim said...

OMG!!! It's so lovely~~ I love it so much!!