Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Love Story Cupcakes

I made this romantic set of cupcakes a while back. I'm sorry but i have been really behind with my updates for a while now. I've yet to finish 2009's post yet and i cant wait to share my latest creations... Bear with me. Plan to upload as much as i can as soon as i can! :)

cupcake story

cupcake story

Not sure if you'd understand the story but what i can tell u is.... it's so sweet!

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Andreia said...

Its beautifull i dont understand the begining cause im from Portugal but the rest of the story i understand perfetly,2002 UTM (this is what i dont understand UTM is a school?) they fall in love, university, work, married in 2007, had a dog, a house and then is the thanks... i love it ... your work its amazing...