Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cupcake wrappers by Wrap-Ink & love-a-cupcake

Introducing our first product together
"cupcake wrappers"

1. Bird & Butterfly Series
(4 assorted colors)

birds & butterflies series

birds & butterflies1

2. Kid's Party Series
(green & pink)

kid's party

kid's party 1

3. Baa-s & Choo-s Series
(2 design)

baas & choos

baa baa

choo choo

4. Baby Fullmoon Series
(baby blue & baby pink)

baby shower

baby shower1

5. Blue & Green Series
(2 colours)

blue & green

blue & green1

6. Damask Series
(gold & red)

damask series

damask series1

7. Cream & Gold Series
(2 colors)

gold & cream

gold & cream1

8. Lilac & White Series
(2 colors)

lilac & white

lilac & white1

9. Halloween Series
(trick or treat / happy halloween)



10. Hoot Series
(8 different owl designs)

hoot series

How to order

These cupcake wrappers are sold in a set of 12pcs. You can choose assorted designs of each series with a min of 6pcs each. You cannot combine different series to make up 12pcs.

ie. Hoot series, u can choose 2 types of owl designs, 6pcs each to make up 12pcs for a package.

Once you have chosen your design, please email to /

together with these information
Information needed:

1. Name
2. Email address
3. Where will the boxes/wrappers be sent to
4. Type of box/wrappers wanted
5. Quantity
6. Color


USD8 / RM25
per set of 12pcs

pls note that pricing does not include shipping

How to Customize your own design

Lead time: 2 weeks

Charges: USD20 / RM60 (design provided)
USD55 / RM160 (to include design)
note: this is on top of the charges for the cupcake wrapper

Minimum order: None

Paper Material

120gm metallic paper

Size of the Cupcake Wrapper

Fits 2" souffle cup perfectly

Top: 5cm in diameter
Bottom: 4cm in diameter

Apply to be our Stokist

Special price for all products
(Up to 40% discount)

How to be a stokist?

1. You need to have a proper website or store selling packaging or goods that require packaging
2. Can order a minimum of 1000pcs per design (for boxes) or 500pcs assorted designs (for cupcake wrappers) each time

Email us - with the information below:

1. Details about your website/store
2. Location of where you are
3. Name
4. Contact number
5. Email

Note: Limited numbers depending on city/state/country

1 comment:

BetweenThePagesBlog said...

I've never seen a cupcake wrapper before, but these are beautiful. At first I thought these were just going to be customized cupcake cups, but these are so cool because they go around the cupcake so they're much more noticable.

While I like the sophisticated ones, my favorites are the juvenile ones because they are so cute.