Monday, November 15, 2010

Black & White lace themed cake

Made this special wedding cake request for Joceline & William's wedding. We have been planning and discussing about it for a while now. It will be a black & white cake with a vintage twist! Lace is such an in thing now :)

black & white theme

black & white theme
I was quite worried how it might turn out initially but I was really very happy with the outcome!

black & white theme

black & white theme
It matches the ballroom setup very well :)

And guess what? This cake is featured in UK's wedding cake magazine!

I was really surprised! I found out from a friend that my cake was featured in the October magazine but it was just a small one. Then during my recent trip to London, I saw the November magazine and as I was flipping it through... i suddenly saw this cake! Full page! I was jumping up & down at Selfridges. lol... here are some pictures from it...

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on vacation with di and Paul said...

that is a fabulous cake! Really stunning.