Sunday, August 3, 2008

29: The JOY of Teddy Bears

Joy, a friend i knew from Sydney back in uni days wanted to order some cuppies for her daughter's 2nd birthday. While she was surfing my blog, she did not realized Ween is me! lol... It was only when she saw some of my cuppies thru another friend's friendster did she realize! She's actually staying in Taiping that's why we don't see each other much :P Anyways, she made her order and I was given the honor to make her daughter's birthday cuppies! The theme is - TEDDIES!!! here goes...

Top tier - HAPPY

2nd tier - BIRTHDAY

Different colours of fondant to cover the cuppies to make it colourful!

All ready and packed for trip to TAIPING!

The final result: 3 tier teddy cuppies!

Joy... I'm really glad all of u enjoyed it!


** Fishball said...

ops...adorable teddy!!!

ayu said...

ooooooo am loving the multi tier teddy show :o). very cute. highly creative. four thumbs up! *borrowing kyle's hands*

Snooky doodle said...

woww how cute wish i could cute little teddies