Friday, August 8, 2008

Changes AHEAD

I'm currently in the midst of re-organizing how love-a-cupcake is being run. No proper planning was put into it right at the beginning because it started off way too fast! I'm struggling to get all the orders organized, replying e-mails/smses efficiently and NOT getting orders mixed UP! Please bear with me in the mean time, ok?

A few things that will happen is:

1. I will be cutting down on orders.
This is because of 2 things.
  • One, when i do too many at one go, i lose inspiration - no time to allow my creative juices flow for each.
  • Two, this is not a full time job for me... Have to find time to focus on my other 'jobs' also... Up till June, I try my very best not to say no to all of you but I realized, that's not the right way to go about this....
2. Prices will increase. Also because of 2 things.
  • One - the obvious reason, prices of most goods have doubled.
  • Two - I have not really been charging for my time.
  • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Just so u understand, most figures takes at least 1 hr to mold. Some difficult ones can take up till 3-4 hrs to get it all right. And, the most common thinking is... small = cheap but actually... small = harder! But fret not, I will still try my very best to accomodate ur budgets.
I will try my best to find the best solution where all parties are taken care off.
Thanks all for the continuous support :)


kahlen said...

I'm so touched by your passion and effort in creating the pretty cute little cup cakes..thanks a lot for making the days..muah..

ween said...

thanks kahlen... :)