Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My 1st Competition :)

Recently, I participated in a competition. My very first competition. I did not have much time to prepare for it because I was leaving for Australia. But motivated by the fact that I have always wanted to give mini wedding cakes a try... I did it, submitted and had very limited internet connection after that. I only had internet connection few days before the voting ends and was very surprised I was amongst the few who are in the lead! Hehehe... Overall it was a great experience! 

We are allowed to submit 2 entries per person. Here are mine :) 

Entry No. 1: Mr & Mrs

One of the challenge was for us to do a 'pair' mini cake... And this is my version of a 'pair'! This piece won 2nd Place! Yeah!





Entry No 2: The Reality of Marriage

This is kinda inspired by the fact that I was about to celebrate my 4 years wedding anniversary and seriously, to me, there's 2 inter-related sides to a marriage. In order to grow the relationship, both have gotta be ready to struggle and overcome all obstacles together. It's not all love and fairytale. By being able to overcome those obstacles together... your love will then continue to grow! And this, is a lifetime commitment. 
But that's what makes a marriage exciting, right? hehehe

This piece won 4th Placing! I was very happy both my submissions won :) Thanks to all who voted!

the 2 ele climbing up.. struggling but still going through it together...

and here u have the 2 contented and happily in love ele!


and here u have the 2 contented and happily in love ele!


SweetThings said...

You are so talented! Congratulations!

Lingzie said...

hi weenee, i love both creations and voted for them :)
especially like the elephant one cos its different and it's so true that marriage (or any relationship for that matter) takes work :)

Anise Cupcakes said...

Your creations are so original and lovely...:) said...

great creations:)

Jocelyn said...

i simply love the elephant cake.but the bear one is very lovely too.great job!