Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy "ELE" versary!

It's funny how anniversary meant the world when you first start a relationship but as the years go by... it becomes less and less important. Is it because it has been taken for-granted? Or is it because we expect one another to "understand"? Shouldn't it be more and more precious the longer we are together?

That said... i get really excited to do anniversary cakes/cupcakes! Especially for those who've been together or married for a long time!

This is from a daughter to their parents - very thoughtful :)
2 ele intertwined in love




SweetThingsTO said...

How cute!

Tammy Khoo said...

Thank you very much, My parents was suprise and delighted.

They celebrated their 36th Anniversary.

You had created the most Sweetest Thing They Could Ever Ask For.

Tammy Khoo said...

Thank you very much for creating this Love Piece for them.

My parents Celebrated their 36th Anniversary & Fell in Love with the Elephants (aka Jumbo as per Dad).

You had made my parents Love for each other more when they saw how loving the elephant is.

Once again thank you for creating this for me.