Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sheepy love

Another order i had so much fun with! Lately, i've been really enjoying creating all my creations for all my customers... I guess they are all just so inspiring that i'm so highly motivated! yay!

This order was for a customer in KL also... :) I'll let the pic tell the story...
Sheep's love
with cutesy lady bugs

Sheep's love
and bees buzzing ard

Sheep's love

Sheep's love
and the 2 sheep deeply in love

Sheep's love
she wants to thank her other half for being in her life... and how sweet is this!?
very often, we expect our partners/friends/families to KNOW we appreciate them but do they?
sometimes, indirectly, we take each other fore-granted without intending to...

when was the last time u thank the person most important to u for just being themselves?
and for accepting YOU as YOU are...!?

i personally feel that we as human being, tend to look at one's negative side more than their positive side... i for one constantly struggles to remind myself to realize how blessed i am and not to feel all those unnecessary 'negativity'...

Sheep's love

Sheep's love

may this pair of lovey dovey sheep spread its love to all of YOU!

just looking at them makes me so happy!

i hope u will too :) *wink*


Anonymous said...

so cute! i would get that for my boyfriend but i'm too broke to afford that cake...

Priscilla said...

I totally love your blog! You are so creative and make such wondrous creations!! I really need to know where you can get alphabet cutter set like yours! I live in East Malaysia so it's so hard to get good equipment. I usually order stuff online but I cannot find the alphabet set like yours! Mine are big fat Wilton capital letters ones.. Help!!