Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For a very Special Lady

This post is also a special dedication to a very special lady.
This order is requested by my husband for his mother, my MIL :) for her birthday..

I have heard of many many horror stories about MILs but mine is far from all those stories. In fact, it's just the opposite! She's like our biggest & strongest wall of support. Always supporting even the craziest ideas; never doubting and always so proud of us.

No wonder my hubs is quite a mummy's boy! hehehe I don't blame him :P

So this 'cake' is designed to be all about her!
Made with love
her number 1 hobby: shopping!!

Made with love
she loves to travel - covered more than half the world already, me think...

Made with love
loves all things pretty... (who doesn't?)

Made with love
designer bags

Made with love
a lady who loves technology and cool gadgets

Made with love
and a seriously good golfer

Made with love

Made with love

Made with love
Thanks mummy for always being there for the both of us through thick and thin!

Happy Happy Birthday!


Bekka said...

aww that was such a nice cake!

Bimmer said...

this is beautiful and so creative!