Tuesday, February 19, 2008

An Irish Theme

Carmen, another junior of mine who's now a DOCTOR in Ireland wanted to surprise her beloved papa in Penang :) So thoughtful! And since the dad will be visiting her again in Ireland soon... she thought an irish theme will be perfect (i think so too!!) First 3 things that comes to my mind when Ireland is mentioned is: St Patrick's Day! Notting Hill! Study medicine! *grin*

So anyway, here are the Irish Theme cupcakes!

1. Shamrock leaves!!! I love love love them.... next to clover leaves...

2. Ireland flag (terbalik! I just realized! Oppssssss.....) with leprechaun behind

3. Pot of gold with leprechaun

4. "Kiss me, I'm Irish" [I was told this is a common saying for Irish ppl?]

5. Cow with shamrock leaves!

All together now........

From a very very thoughtful daughter :)

PS: Carmen, I'm glad ur dad like it!


* * sHeReNe * * said...

I see ITALIAN flag instead of IRISH!! :P

ween said...

I know!! My bad. I din realize wat a big difference terbalik can cause.. Shd have paid more attention at geography