Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Updates on love-a-cupcake

Dear all...
I have been receiving quite a lot of calls lately asking for quotation and how much certain designs are in particular. I've been struggling to give you all good answers mainly because I customize them base on your preferences while taking into consideration your budget. So every order tend to be different from another!
I have decided to focus on customizing cakes then to prepare ready-made designs. This is because, to me a cake is just a cake. But when we customize it specially for the recipient based on something he/she would like (ie: the gruesome brains), the cake becomes P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S.!
Therefore, I hope for future inquiries, come with the recipient on your mind. What he/she will like. Then we will work on the idea. I'm not saying I can do it all but I will try my very best to. Sky is the limit really... everyone must like something in particular be it cars, plants, going to movies, mahjong, cartoon characters or even brains!
So think about it... Let's bring these cupcakes to another level of innovation!
PS: If you don't have much ideas, I can work with you on it... No worries. As for the price, it will be good if you can give me a budget, and I will work around it :) Quotes will be given with 2-3days (if not sooner!)


Big Boys Oven said...

We truely agree with you!

Those are lovely cupcaks you have there!

ween said...

Thanks! :)