Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mooo Mooooooooooooooo

My personal favourite for the month! This is actually a very special request... went out of the norm to do this but I'm glad I did... A staff of mine wanted to make cheese cake for someone dear with the condition, HE helps to do everything... The ideas for the cake developed as we progressed.

A very cute moo-moo couple for the love birds

They look like old married couple-eh!?

With baked cheese as the cake, oreo biscuit crust as the filling (quite special right?) & fondant to cover it over... And when there's moo-moo, we also need..... GRASS!

all together now! I really like it. Maybe coz it's my first fondant mini cake... and maybe it's also because the colour blends really well together!

I was really sad to see this cake taken away.... but but........

Happy Anniversary! May there be many many more years of anniversaries to come....!


ckwanz said...

heyz..weennee i really love da cake..and i'm really really greatfull and haPpy~! ur cakes rockz!

ween said...

:) Hopefully.... one day we'll be baking ur wedding cake! with lots and lots and lots of moooo mooooo! I miss the moo moo's' *grin*