Saturday, March 1, 2008

meet MOMO & MAGIC :)

A customer who ordered cuppies during v-day texted me asking if I could do a poodle & terrier. My first response was "errr........" and then asked for pictures. This is by far, my most challenging piece. Seriously.... And here are the results!

Silky terrier aka 'MAGIC' before & after fur is added :)

"Magic" gets a pretty bow!

And meet "MOMO" the cute poodle! Not as challenging as the terrier but I had to redo because the first one I did... was not too happy with it :P

MOMO: Please....

MAGIC: forgive dwings??

I really hope he will be forgiven, yea....

"To err... is only human!" - *woof woof*


Anonymous said...

First time to your blog. Your work is stunning! What an amazing talent you have. Thanks for sharing your creations and inspiration. I look forward to visiting frequently. (um, HERE I mean...I won't be showing up at your house:) JJ

Chivon said...

First time to your blog as well:) Your work is great!! I love the puppies! Did you use a clay gun for the fur?

Yorkie Woof said...

Omg absolutely gorgeous site! I love the terrier cake, so cute!

I will definately be linking to you when my site is a bit more developed, my 2 loves cupcakes and terriers...