Saturday, March 8, 2008

My 5-tier Wedding Cupcakes

Gill & Jason are customers turned friends of mine since 3-4 years back! They are 2 very cute & fun people to talk to :) They wanted an outdoor wedding by the beach and have been planning for this since last year! The venue they've chosen is simply beautiful! So nice I have to share!

The stage

Tables & chairs not yet laid & covered with cloth (raining)

love the treeeees!

the view...... (note: the gloomy sky)

more views


They wanted cupcakes to be replace their wedding cake and trust me, I am so honoured & excited to do this order because I've been wanting to do it for a while now!! Theme is beach... and here goes:

It's 5-tiered. We actually set it by the stage. After half hour and near completion, I felt the thing I worst fear - raindrops! I screamed to hubs for umbrella and he came back with a green not-big-enough umbrella for the cupcakes. Now, at that point, I felt teary... Luckily, 4 guys came, lifted the table and moved them to safety. It would have been perfect! Worse is... I did not manage to take much picture while it was by the stage. Here's a few to share:

Then the rain came and into the canopy we go:

the wedding couple - gill & jason

their very cute puppies - who will be the ring bearer

sandy cupcakes


and the cupcakes are surrounded by the sea!

voila! the final product :)

The table provided was just nice for the cupcakes....

Congratulations Gill & Jason!

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Em said...

These are so incredible! I love the way you laid them out- just adorable!