Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cuppies FULL of meaning

Sam wants me to make some meaningful cuppies for her boyfriend. After discussing with her, she asked for some time to think of something really meaningful. Then she called back with 10 specific items which to me has no significant meaning but I'm sure to them, it means everything... That's what love-a-cupcake is supposed to be! I don't have to understand how or why? I just need to know the what... [but of course the why & how will enhance the story]

1. Angels [my personal favourite]

2. Stars & Moons

Love this 2 together side by side

3. 1st of December

4 & 5. House & Car

6. Capricorn

7. Mr Santa Claus

8. Love

9. Ice Cream - Yum!

10. Chocolate - Sinfully yummy!

all together = the 10 meaningful cuppies

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