Saturday, November 15, 2008

Celebrate Xmas with Cuppies!

Hi all! Xmas comes early for me this year! Hope to do quite a bit for xmas (like last year). Plan to go visit some orphanages and bring them cheer with these cute lil cuppies!

Orders for xmas opens now and closes when I cannot breathe *grin* [limited numbers only] First come first served. 

More pictures coming up...! 

Each box will come with a special gift tag :)

rudolph the red nose reindeer!

size: 2 inch cupcakes


1 cupcake/box (minimum of 10)
4 cupcakes/box (minimum 2)
9 cupcakes/box
16 cupcakes/box

Of course u can choose ur choice of design!

Email for your quotations today! 

ps: i've had so little sleep and wont be having much for the next few days but i cant help to share this with u straight away!!! :) heheheh - now i need to find time to put up my xmas tree! bought some new trinkets!


LittleLand said...

....had a very shiny the Christmas look you created on your cuppies. They made me smile. pls reserve one set of 16 cupcakes for me!! Is it possible if I collect them on 24Dec?

ween said...

hi estee! sure thing! :)**reserved**

Duckie said...

hi i'm interested in a box of 9 cupcakes. how much would it costs?

charmaine said...

i am wondering whether i can place an order for my best friend's birthday on 31/12?

ween said...

please email for questions & request for quotations pls :)

thank you