Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Creative Young Ones @ Work

I've always been inspired by children who never fails to impress & surprise u with their level of creativity. So, my friend & I decided to do a cupcake activity for a group of children from church. Since Christmas is ard the corner... the theme was xmas! But because time is short for our cuppy session, we kept it simple!

Simple xmas tree already decorated with silver balls

all ready to be decorated by the children

they are given pretty colorful sugar decors of animals for them to decorate their trees

the sugar pieces are to be shared

each of them fully focused in decorating their trees

finally, their job is done! 3 pretty gals showing off their creations

i love looking @ how she decorates. So careful & delicate :)

happy & satisfied with his creation!

and so is HE!

well, they all are!

If only we had more time, then we can do more interesting stuffs with the children to create more amazing creations! :)

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