Thursday, November 6, 2008


I know I have over 20++ "overdue" posts to put up... But since Halloween was just over, I have to put this up first.. Khoo, wanted them for her kindy student's halloween celebration... She just wanted something 2-d & simple... the result:


freaky eyeballs

happy jack!

boo! the friendly ghost..

mr spidey

i'm freaked out myself by this scary eyeballs

Estee, i'm glad u & ur students enjoyed them! I had lots of fun making them too!

Happy Belated Halloween!!


veganpower said...

waouw what specific job sublime!
I just look at your entire site is really beautiful! It's almost unreal, I have so much patience for this kind of decoration on the cupcake.
Congratulations, I am admiring this job!

Min said...

Such fun cupcakes! :D

ween said...

veganpower: thanks!

min: yea! was so glad i had a chance to do halloween cuppies! :) how are u??

LittleLand said...

Fun and yummy..our Halloween party won't be perfect if it's without your cupcakes