Sunday, December 6, 2009


Greetings from down under! I'm currently in Perth attending my cousin's wedding and i've been really busy! I know many of you have been emailing and I have been glancing through them but i've yet to be able to find the time to sit down and reply any of you.

Please be patient. For January orders, I'll definitely be able to do it. December... most dates are quite full but i will try to squeeze u in! Will try to respond to all by 8th or 9th Dec.

As for Christmas orders...... this is what i'll do. I think i can only take in about 10-15 orders for christmas but NO i will not be pre-designing them. I'd rather do all different designs. So, for those of you interested, if you can just email me a rough idea what u'd like... it can be winter wonderland, or all the cutest christmas stuffs - rudolf, santa, gingerbread man, and the list goes on! If u'd like to see some samples, look up for 2008's christmas design!

Until then, have a great sunday and a great week ahead!


Can't wait to go home! I am really missing Penang after being away for so long!

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