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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Post No. 21 - No. 34 is up!

Monday, June 23, 2008

New Blog Posts

Just a quick note...
I am taking too long to upload my 34 posts.
I think now, I have over 40++ and no time to posts.
Nevertheless, scroll down for the updates!
I will constantly be updating them - one or two every night?


A few changes for the month of July.
I will be CLOSED on Mondays-Wednesdays.
I am OPEN only on Thusdays - Sundays.
Please order 1 week in advance
Your co-operation is very much appreciated
1. I have other work commitments
2. I am moving :)
3. I am overwhelmed :P

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Crazy Record

I know I have not been updating for a while now... and the consequences is - a record breaking 34 posts coming up!!! Stay TUNED!
And hopefully you wont get bored! :)

34: Beauty & the beast

Mr X requested for a special cake for a special someone... Mr X's orders always inspire me *grin* This time, i'm asked to do a figure of Beauty & the beast! :)

The beast.... looking a bit too happy? :P

And belle!

I really hope you will have a great time @ the show...!

33: For the love of Music

Rex requested for cuppies with music instruments as the theme!



with music notes all over!

happy happy birthday!

32: Deep in Prayer

I did a figure of our Priest deep in prayer for a friend to give the Father as a thank you gesture... Had so much fun making him :)

Thank you Father Marshall

31: Cookie MOnster Loves Elmo

Very excited with this order. I've been wanting to do Sesame Street characters for a while now. So, when Yee Ting requested for them... i was so excited!

Cookie Monster - my favourite character!!!

Happy Lil Elmo

Racing car

Glad u guys enjoyed it! :)

30: I Love Daddy

Priscilla wants to make some cuppies for Father's Day. It's for her husband... :)

Her husband's little precious

A doodling art piece by her daughter....

Hope it was a great celebration :)

29: Full of Sweet-Ness

Adelene wanted me to make cuppies for her friend who is really sweet... So sweetness was the theme...

honey beeeees

winnie the pooh with honey jar & lollipops


28: EURO CUP fever!

Evonne's other half is a big fan of Euro Cup... and since his bday falls during it... she wanted the theme to be EUro Cup!

Them watching Euro Cup on sony's plasma screen

HOpe it was a great celebration! & a great Euro cuP season :)

27: Angelic Friends

Skye skye is really sweet... She requested cuppies for her very good friends. They are celebrating their 10 years of great friendship! This is what i call 'treasuring friendship'. The result:

3 cute looking angels

May you 3 have many many many more years of great friendship down the road... True friends are still friends we make from high school.

26: Love is all around!

Chui requested for cuppies with a couple surrounded by flowers & trees :)

:) Love the wrapper!

25: Ballerina + Shopping + Dogs!

Kylie is back for more cuppies! This time, she requested a ballerina, a cocker spaniel & shopping bags!

The cocker spaniel :)

Shopping bags

Hope it was a great 17th birthday :)

24: Thomas & Teddy

An old high school friend of mine, Swee Theng requested for thomas the train & teddy bear mini cake for her nephew... I've been wanting to try making Thomas for a while now. I thought it looked kinda easy but it was a lot more challenging than what I thought!


Side profile of Thomas

With the teddy bear...

I hope your nephew enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making them!

23: Heffy & Garfield

Jessica is back! This time.. she requested for 2 sets of single cuppies... One with a heffy & the other with a garfield :)

Hope it was a great celebration!

22: A Cuppy for each one...

Pei Gim a junior of mine whom i've lost touch contacted me to request for cuppies! It's for their department's quarterly birthday bash... She described each of them in detail for me :)

Happy birthday all! Hope it was a great birthday bash! :)