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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mooo Mooooooooooooooo

My personal favourite for the month! This is actually a very special request... went out of the norm to do this but I'm glad I did... A staff of mine wanted to make cheese cake for someone dear with the condition, HE helps to do everything... The ideas for the cake developed as we progressed.

A very cute moo-moo couple for the love birds

They look like old married couple-eh!?

With baked cheese as the cake, oreo biscuit crust as the filling (quite special right?) & fondant to cover it over... And when there's moo-moo, we also need..... GRASS!

all together now! I really like it. Maybe coz it's my first fondant mini cake... and maybe it's also because the colour blends really well together!

I was really sad to see this cake taken away.... but but........

Happy Anniversary! May there be many many more years of anniversaries to come....!


**Shop-a-holic cuppies highlighted in Cupcakes Take The Cake!!**

Vingie who's also an avid blogger wanted to order some cuppies for her sis's 21st birthday. She is so sweet.... her sister is so lucky to have such a sister who goes all out to make her sis's birthday a meaningful one. Her sis loves to shop (dont we all??) and so she thought a shopaholic theme will be good. We had enough time to discuss a lot about what the sister would like and etc..... and here, i bring u the results!

pre-production... all the decors made of fondant :)

3 flavors: choc chip, choc peanut butter & choc coffee for a chocolate lover!

hand bags

clothings from M-N-G


credit card & dress


swirly candles

lots & lots of shopping bags

and presenting to u... the shopaholic who just turned 21!

Happy Happy 21st Birthday!

Hard 2 Say I'm Sorry

I'm in love with teddy bears! Cleo called asking if i could do some sorry cuppies for her... Y not? Cakes are meant for any & every function aren't they!? I take sorry cupcakes more seriously because... these cuppies are meant to melt someone's heart... It has to speak enough so that they can forgive! So... here's what I did...

A very lost looking teddy with a single rose which means i love you...

in case that msg was not clear, this will enhance it....

and finally the words in baby blue to signify purity & sincerity!

Cleo... hope it worked!

A Pair of Teddies on Holiday

Verlyn wanted some cute cuppies for her bf's birthday... and the first thing that came to my mind was.... teddy bears!!!!

Happy Birthday Nelson! Hope it was a blast :)

Happy Birthday Sherita!

Sherita called to order some baked cheese cupcakes & she likes baby blue....

small little teddy to bring more joy!

and voila! Happy Birthday Sherita! :) Hope it was a great celebration :)

Busy Busy Month of February....

I feel that I've grown a lot this month. And initially, I thought of setting standard designs of cupcakes but then, me being me, I cannot stand doing the same thing day in day out. It kinda' kills me slowly. I'm the sort of person who needs challenges in my life :)
Basically, this month has been great because I've been challenged to do many different designs and it is so fulfilling to customize cakes for each order specifically for someone special! I've made lots of friends out of this as well. *u know who u are!* Like I said earlier, I do not want cakes to be just a cake. Instead of going 'oh... birthday cake' one should be going... "wow! is this for me?"
The W-O-W factor is what I wanna add into my cuppies :)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My very own iPhone!

This is one cool gadget. So glad it's mine :)

(Thanks CC for helping me to get it! love it....)

Wedding theme cupcakes

Monica, a staff & sometimes baker helper wanted to do some wedding themed cupcake her friend who just registered. I've been wanting to do wedding cupcakes for a while now. So excited & happy... *grin*

The bride, Jennifer....

and the groom James...

their cool car - blue mini cooper

22.2.08 - official registration date

the bride & groom....

All together now....!

Congratulations James & Jeniffer!!! :)

Happy Cheer-ie cLoWnS!

This cupcakes is for a staff from Manila Place. He sometimes work as a clown so, we decided to do one with "clown" as the theme! :)

love the tattoo :) and the red red nose....

tall hat clown & happy cheerie clown!

all together now :)

Happy 21st Birthday Chor Kwan!