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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


For those of u who have been following my blog, I'm sure u have read about me wanting to slow down for a while because I am busy with a few personal stuffs...

Instead of slowing down, I've been thrown with so many challenging orders which I simply cannot refuse! March will definitely go down in 'my own history' as my most challenging month! I will update all of you with what I've been up to once I find the time to upload the pictures...

But this time, I really have to put my foot down & close all orders till after June. I'll explain the reasons why here. I don't have time to explain to all personally via emails...

I don't have much free dates for April/May & June.. those free dates are already booked. 

April & May 
I have to move house (yeah!!! can't wait for the hse reno to be done!) and 
I will also be attending another baking course (so excited!!!) 
no choice.. demands are getting more challenging thus need to up-my-skill

Month of June
3 weddings & 3 weeks of holiday + work (yeah!)

i also need to apologize to many of you who've submitted your orders and did not get any replies. I barely have the time to sleep & i realized I gobble my food down to save time & I can't find the time to think to reply! Please order at least 2 weeks to a month ahead... I am really sorry if I've disappoint you with the 'super slow' reply...

got to continue making 200 sets of robots!!
(hehehe... one of my most challenging yet 'funnest' order!)

i'll be back full force somewhere July/September 

what to look out for?
gorgeous packagings
tiered wedding 'cakes'
3d 'cakes'
more fullmoon sets
more wedding ideas
sugar art classes?
& lots more!