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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally some time to put down my thoughts

Ever since Sugar began, I've been struggling to find time to update this blog.
I'm really sorry!

Now that Sugar is close to 5 months, things are more stable & hopefully I will be able to find more time to update my latest works. But over the next few weeks, you can expect lots & lots of posts coming up! :) That is a promise...

Ever since Sugar began, we have been flooded with so many challenges and at the same time, a lot of opportunities! It has been such a wonderful journey ever since the first thought of Sugar came about. It is all quite sudden, really.

1st of August 2010, the thought came about - 2 weeks later, we signed agreement for the shop lot (we knew exactly where we wanted it, hence we saved time in searching for a place). Then we left for a month's backpacking ard asia, came back for 3 weeks before leaving for NEC in Birmingham, UK & London for another 3 weeks & when we got back, Sugar opened 9 days later! Madness I know but I guess that's how I function best :)

Since then, I've never looked back. There's definitely a lot of challenge since I've never done any retailing but with the amazing customers we are getting & from the support of our family & friends, nothing is impossible! Oh not to mention, the suppliers we became friends - never once are they selfish with information. Always ready to guide & teach!

I sometimes question if I'm doing the right thing...
I wonder if I am clouded with the fact that there's so much to do...
but i don't think so...

I think everything about Sugar is where my heart really is at!
I really love Sugar & there's just so many reasons!
Let me try to name few...

1. I love all the products in our store - that's partly because i hand pick all the things i believe in!

2. My family & friends makes it such a fun place - nearly everyday, someone dear will pop by just to hang out or to say hi! Sometimes so many people within a day! I just love them all :)

3. The amount of creative customers we get.... ohhh that push & challenge us to the very max!

4. The opportunities we get! Crazy! Before I can launch something, someone will come in requesting for exactly what I wanna do giving us the opportunity to test them out!

5. There is still so much to do for Sugar, just the thought of it makes me excited :)

Thank you all who have been a part of making Sugar possible - There's just too many names to name. I hope you know who you are :)

Up ahead, I will be off again for 3 weeks to a land I miss so much!
No it's not for holiday...
Instead, it's time for self upgrading! 3 very intensive week!
Really excited about it!
Good things are beginning to happen before I even go :)

1. Managed to get the flight I want at a really good price tho I booked so last minute
2. I will be staying at the most amazing place! The view from my room for the whole 3 weeks is my most favorite view of Sydney!
3. The people at Balmain Wharf Apartments have been so accommodating I already feel at home! Thanks Shinny :)

This will be the view from my room! Is that amazing or what?

Hence I will not be taking any orders for the entire month of May
Madness resumes in June!

Just a note - a lot of dates are quite booked up for both June & July - lots of auspicious date, I think!

There's so much more to tell but I'll leave that to the upcoming posts
(which i promise will be a lot regular!)