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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Kelly aka May Ling is an old old friend of mine... from way back in primary school days... As the thoughtful person she has always been, she wanted to surprise her fiance with something special for their anniversary and she planned for it way way in advance :) hehehe... anyway, she like moo moo and the result of her cake is......

Kelly & John... 
may ur love continue to blossom :)

Winnie The Pooh & Piglet

Canice wants to make something special for her little sister's birthday as she cannot be there to celebrate it with her... and naturally, I'm very touched by her! I absolutely love ppl who tries hard to show their loved ones how much they care *grin* She was torn by winnie the pooh or penguins but settled for POOH! The result......

Pooh & Piglet our on a picnic!

Happy Birthday Xin Mei! Hope u had a blast celebrating your 21st :)

So in L-o-V-e

Kennedy requested for something simple full of love... and so... here's the result!

May your love for one another continue to grow each day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

RAYA TEDDIES (limited numbers of order ONLY)

Initially, we wanted to come up with standard packages but somehow, we just find it to be rather boring if everyone gets the same thing! So..... we developed what we call...


Raya's Couple Teddy

it comes in 7 different pastel colour combination of your choice
pink, purple, green, orange, teal, blue & yellow


celebrate this year's RAYA with the raya teddies! some sample ideas to get your started

family get together

friends visiting each other

or simple couple RAYA teddies 


package A
package B

package C


for those of you who just want simple cuppies, you can also settle for this!



1. Think of WHAT you want your Raya Teddies to do... 
& HOW MANY raya teddies you want & the colour (let ur creativity flow!)
2. Then choose either to have ur Raya Teddies on 
mini cupcakes (2-inch diameter) - 25pcs, 36pcs or 49pcs
or mini cake (4-inch diameter & height)
or combine both?
3. Choose flavors: Choc Banana or Vanilla with Coconut
4. Choose the packaging: A, B or C

5. Email the details above to ASAP 
(dont forget to include ur name & contact number)

Then I will QUOTE you and discuss a little further about ur ideas


Raya is only a week away! So hurry!!!

to those of you who are fasting: **selamat berpuasa**

Saturday, September 20, 2008

To Jo with Love....

It's been a while since I last post postings with lots of pictures and stories (it's part lazy & part no time) but I really have to spend a bit more time to talk about this one... This order is from Eugene for Jo Anne, who's ordered cuppies from me before. Because she enjoyed them, her husband decided to do something using cupcakes for her! So sweet. Eugene got Melvin (who was also an ex customer) to assist me in the ideas for the design...  I just love their ideas... it got me excited just thinking about making them! 

Let me bring you through some of my favourites of the 20 cuppies...

Michael Phelps! The man who broke god knows how many records just for Beijing Olympics alone!!!! Salute!

Michael Phelps coming out for air while doing his infamous butterfly *grin*

Sexy lacy lingerie

goody goody lingerie

sexy undies

one of jo's must-have!

Eugene & Jo's adorable baby Ethan - love his hair!

CINEMA soda & popcorn 

IPOD touch




love for movies

& music

and of course shopping!! 

And when it all combines together.... you get.....

Happy Birthday Jo!! Hope you were surprised!

For a Traveller

This order came from Jerry who's actually my really dear friend's colleague. Jerry wants to surprise his brother Peter with something unique as Peter is someone very creative! After talking to Jerry, we decided to do something with the theme of traveling :) as Peter loves to travel... and the result is.... 

Peter, I really hope that one day, you will be able to cover it all! Or at least all the countries you want to visit!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Posts All The Way Down!

i've been crazy busy as usual... 
no time to describe each posting but since all of u wanna see new pics....
**more to come**