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Monday, January 28, 2008

Mentioned in The Star's Sunday Metro!

I was mentioned in The Star's Sunday Metro today (27/01/08). It's just a small mention about my Chinese New Year cupcakes [about one paragraph only] but nevertheless, I'm really happy & excited about it! *grin*
[.....At Manila Place in Gurney Plaza, proprietor Ween Nee makes cupcakes with a difference. “I’ve chosen nine designs which all signify Chinese New Year,” she explains. Available only by special order, there are goldfish for harmony, pineapples for prosperity, and even a gold tortoise for longevity, or you can choose a customised design of your own....] click here for the article!
Thank you Helen! :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

CNY & V-day Cupcakes Finalized


Note: Orders on 13th & 14th February closing soon...


  1. CHOCOLATE (banana, choc chip, peanut butter)
  2. STRAWBERRY (with fresh strawberry fillings)


Orders on 2nd & 3rd February closing soon...


  1. Chocolate Banana
  2. Mixed Fruits
  3. Orange
  4. Pineapple

NOTE: Delivery available! Click here for more

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary & Valentine's Day

Got an order from Ying who ordered previously for the boyfriend's birthday. This time, she's really sweet. They won't be able to spend v-day together so she decided to combine their anniversary & v-day together. So, that's my theme for the cupcakes! She did give me some messages to put in as well as 'Herbie' the mv car to play with.... Here's the result of my creation for Ying & her boyfriend :)

personalized msg from Ying

simple hearts guarded...

mini hearts & dagarees on little flowers

hearts of love

my favourite - bee mine!

hugs & kisses

pure love

more messages from Ying


less quarrel, more happiness! so true.... :)

a grass filled with love

H.E.R.B.I.E the love bug

all together now...

Happy Anniversary & V-Day both of you....

I'm really glad you both enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them!

Note: This designs will be available for Valentine's Day too!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Hi all...
I've been getting a lot of enquiries asking if I can do delivery for CNY & V-DAY.... and the answer is yes yes yes.... BUT please confirm at least 3 days before delivery date! Delivery is free within Pulau Tikus area... Out of Pulau Tikus, minimal charges applies.
Thank YOU!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Breakfast @ Imperial

The desserts and pastries @ Breakfast are so tempting I couldnt resist taking lots of pictures of them... Here they are for your eyes only.... heheheh...

What a way to wake my eyes up!

Unwind @ Imperial

After a couple of hours of walking at Petaling Street, we made our way back to Imperial where we will be staying. Hubs & myself are really tired from the journey and one whole week of madness. Waiting for us in our room was 3 platter of very sinful desserts... but oh-so-yummy!

First platter had big juicy strawberries with melt-in-your-mouth truffles.... 2nd had onde-onde and the third was a platter of mango [tart, juice & the fruit]

Love the presentation.... In my past experience, hotels usually leave some nice chocolates by the bed when they turn down the bed but this is superb! yummm...

And not to mention the amazing view from our room! No matter how many times I visit KL, I'm still impressed & really proud each time I see KLCC & KL Tower...

Chinatown, KL

I had to make a quick trip down to KL. It was quite last minute. Left about 4pm on Saturday and arrived about 8pm. Our first stop was @ Petaling Street. It's my first visit here. Somehow, in my mind, Petaling Street is supposed to be very dark, dirty and dangerous but I was wrong. It felt very Chinese New Year... like a very big pasar malam with lots of shops and food places... There are so many shops selling Chinese New Year decor. I was hoping to find some nice CNY candies or chocs but I couldn't.....

It's definitely not dark, dirty & dangerous.. It's very busy, bright and so much stuffs to look at!

Happy Anniversary Lyn May & Alvin!

Lyn May & I go way back to high school.... :) and her anniversary is coming up. She wanted to surprise her hubs with some cupcakes! They will be having their dinner @ Manila Place. So I suggested 2-tier because then, we can set it up for her! She loves mango while Alvin likes chocolate.

The bottom tier is filled with mixed flavor but chocolate peanut butter topping to make it a standard one colour...

They both love tennis.... so the top tier, I used green to create a grass-court feel and topped it with tennis balls!

And all together now!

Happy Anniversary May & Alvin!

[PS: sorry i couldnt be there last minute...]

Happy Birthday Lil' Bro

My little brother turned 17 last Saturday. I made him some chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate peanut butter topping.... yuummmmm! He's a chocolate person... so I thought this choice will be good. He's having a concert tonight and I wont be able to attend because I have to leave for KL. So, these cupcakes are meant to make-up for our-not-being-able-to-be-there... *grin* [note: that's not the only thing i gave him of course]

He'll always be a kid in my eyes....

Early CNY & V-day Celebration

Jing's friend Pat is leaving soon and will not be able to celebrate CNY in Penang. So Jing and her friends decided to order some CNY cupcakes for her... It's so sweet of them..

Usually, CNY's red paper is filled with chinese words. But because I don't know how to write them, I used heart shape chop instead! Kinda does the trick-eh? heheheh...

Since CNY & V-day is closed by, I decided to throw in some V-day designs as well so that Jing & friends can celebrate it all - farewell, CNY & v-day!

All the best to you Pat & hope you guys had a great lunch!

House Warming Cupcakes

Izah called to order 40pcs of cupcakes for her upcoming house warmings. She was very specific with what she wants up to the colour and type of topping. But it's good... that save me from worrying if they will be able to accept the colour and flavors I choose! I usually worry when customers leave the choice to me coz everyone have really different taste buds! Since it was house warming, I added thank you tags on each....

flavor one: Vanilla base with orange & coconut topping

flavor two: strawberry base with chocolate topping & dagarees

flavor 3: chocolate base with blueberry & red heart topping

I really like the colour combination..

Of course I toyed around with it and added additional stuffs to enhance it... :P

Verdict: They loved it! So do I! :)

Hope you had a great house warming, Izah!