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Friday, July 25, 2008

22: It's a Baby Boy! Full Moon Cupcakes

Full Moon Cupcakes - also my first :) When Caren requested for them, I was very excited to do them... I'll let the pictures tell the story!

My Teddy Factory


Booty Factory


My Cupcake Factory

my 2 santa's lil helper :)



the teddies

the pacifiers



Milk Bottles


Full Moon Cupcakes in a box

The Package

Congratulations Caren on ur baby Bryan's FULL MOON :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

21: Proposal Cuppies

I've done engagement & wedding cupcakes but this is my FIRST proposal cupcakes!

I heard it was successful! Congratulations!!!

20: Birthday Cuppies

Jeannie requested for cuppies, each with a special design.... here goes:

hugs & kisses

tiger beer bottles



Audi TT


Shopping bags


Hope u guys had a great time celebrating!! :)

19: Garden Fairy Princess

Khoo is back! This time... it's for her lil daughter's 7th birthday.... her theme is fairies!

Fairy princess

Lil fairy hiding in the garden

Lots of toadstools all around

more lil fairies

all together

love this :)

I'm glad u guys enjoyed it! I had lots of fun making them :)

18: Die Hard Man U Fan

Joey wants some cuppies for a die hard fan of Man U.... :) The result....

Cuppies with jersey of all his favourite players!

Hope u guys had a great time celebrating :)

17: Sweet 16

Jen requested for 4 big cupcakes with special designs....

1. Checkered shoes with roses

2. A couple of teddy bear

3. A guy in grey hooded Esprit jacket with guitar & clock showing 3 o'clock

Hope u guys had a great time!

16: Shuffle Phats vs DKnY Perfume

CLEO is back! :) This time... her request is for shuffle phats (learn something new myself) & dkNy perfume - delicious :)

Shuffle Phats - for those of u who don't know what they are, click here

delicious in different colours

:) Glad u guys like em' :)