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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hamtaro Travels Ard the World

Say Swan contacted me way way in advance to plan for her fiancee's pressie. The cake is to depict the places he'd like to take her to in the future - how sweet is that!! :)

this cute pair of hamtaro represents them - all ready to travel!

Glad u enjoyed them! :) 

Surrounded with Love!

Claire wants to make a special cuppies for her other half and she decided to have all of his favorite things surrounding him :)

His favourite pair of shoes

HIS psp

HER psp

all together now...

hope the both of you had a great celebration!

My-Veee & Teh-Deeees

Heng Yin requested for teddies & myvi as the theme... She wants it plain and simple... The results:

Hope u guys had a great time celebrating!

Best of Friends

Brenise wants to make something special for her best friend.... and so...

May the both of u continue to be the best of friends always :)

Koala & Pretty Gal

Spencer wants a cute pair of koala bear with a pretty gal :) The result:

Hope u all had a great time celebrating!

Cool Chick!

Kooi Eng wants to make something for their good friend - a very cool friend :)

:) Hope u all had a great time celebrating!

Cool Dude...

Carmen wanted to bring back some cuppies for her boyfriend in KL... 

left to right: vodka lime shot, the man & his fave bag

Hope u all had a great time!

Colours of my Life

Canlyn wanted some simple & colourful cuppies! So...

Hope both of u enjoyed them! :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Back from Down Under

Hi all...

Sorry for the lack of updates... I actually went to Australia - perth & sydney. I couldn't write much about it before because I wanted to surprise my aunt & cousin in Perth. Struggled to keep it a hush hush but the surprise was such a success! From Perth, we flew to Sydney... to revisit the 'place I once called home' for 3 years while studying... This trip was very nostalgic... It's like walking down memory lane. Everything and everywhere reminded me of so many things...!

Give me about 2-3 days.... lots of new updates coming up! :) 

ps: to those who have been email-ed... will respond all ur emails latest by tomorrow. Pls be patient. Did not have internet facilities while I was in Sydney......