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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blessed Christmas

Firstly, sorry for not updating the blog for the longest time.. I have been busy doing i'm not even sure what! Lol...

BUT this year has definitely been a very blessed one. Definitely a lot of challenges but the reward is worthy. Learning the ropes to run a retail outlet has been very interesting. I've also been blessed with amazing suppliers who will go the distance to help us, amazing customers who will share and guide us.... we have made so many friends over the one year of running Sugar.We would not have been able to grow without them. And of course not forgetting my amazing family & friends who have been supporting us like there's no tomorrow! Sometimes, I don't even have to say 'HELP'... they are all just always there :) Thank you guys... you know who you are... My life would not have been the same without you guys catching me when I fall, add sense to my very often 'brainless ideas' & helping me to be a better person!

Now... time to move forward! 2012... will it be the end of the world? 
I still have so many parts of the world i wanna visit... so many things i wanna do but if the end of the world really happens... I dont think i will leave with any regrets. I think at where i am now, i think i have done what i can... grabbed all the opportunities that has been thrown my way.. challenged myself enough... seen the major countries i need to visit (tho it's like only 20%)... met a lot of my cake idols and even had the joy of getting to know them personally (and learn from some of them personally too!!)...

It's amazing how life is when we count our blessings and not the lemons....

2012 for now holds a lot of uncertainties but lots of crazy thoughts & ideas..
I guess i'll take it as it comes after all, i am a 'spur-of-the-moment' kinda person...

Here's wishing all of you a merry merry christmas & a happy new year! May all of you be surrounded with family & friends having lots of fun and food!