Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Norm!

This is an overdue post. Uncle Norman & Suzanne are such good friends of mine. They are always looking out for me. Making sure I'm ok, always there when we need a friend to confide in and ohhhh.... they are so much F.U.N. too! From customers to friends.... Uncle Norm used to visit our shop for fresh juices but back then, I'm scared of him because he always appear very serious - the no nonsense kinda guy. But I was so so so wrong. He's just exactly the opposite :P

His birthday was on 010108 but I was too busy I did not have time to bake for him. Just before I left for a short trip to Angkor Wat, me & hubs managed to have dinner with him & suzanne..

:) I made him coffee & choc banana with choc & strawberry topping :)

Happy Birthday Uncle Norm!

May the year ahead be filled with lots of good-ness!

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