Thursday, January 10, 2008

While I was away......

Just before I left, I baked some cupcakes to sell @ Manila Place.

Choc-o-mallows: Choc cake filled with white chocs, topped with chocolate buttercream & marshmallows

Berry-Strawbery: Vanilla cake filled with strawberries & biscuits soaked in strawberry syrup topped with strawberry buttercream & fresh strawberries!

Tasty-Coconut: Vanilla cake filled with coconut soaked in gula melaka & topped with pandan buttercream with dessicated coconut

Orange-n-Lemon: Vanilla cake filled with biscuits soaked in fresh orange & lemon juce topped with orange buttercream & mandarin oranges

Choc-o-Banana: Chocolate cake filled with fresh bananas topped with choc whipped cream & choc rice

Cookies-n-cream: Chocolate cake filled with oreos biscuit and topped with chocolate buttercream & oreos biscuit

Addictive-Coffee: Coffee cake filled with biscuits soaked in espresso topped with coffee cream, cocoa powder & coffee bean

Mixed-Fruits: Vanilla cake filled with raisins & mixed fruits topped with vanilla buttercream & currants

Crazy-choco: Chocolate cake filled with chocolate chips topped with chocolate buttercream & chocolate rice

Nutty-Peanut Butter: Choc cake filled with crunchy peanut butter topped with peanut buttercream and crushed nuts

It definitely gave our cake chiller a different feel! However, this is not something that will be for long term. We will still be selling our usual cakes from La Manila. Our lorry broke down causing us to be out of cake for about a week! So, the cupcakes is just to fill up the cake chiller in the mean time. Temporary only. Cakes will arrive again tomorrow... :)


Wen Ying said...

everybody was wondering the same thing at Temptations !! No cakes, no pies hehehe. Until on Friday I saw cupcakes at Temptations :)

Emma said...

Oh my! The Choc-o-mallows and Nutty-Peanut butter looks so delicious it's almost unbearable! =)