Monday, January 21, 2008

House Warming Cupcakes

Izah called to order 40pcs of cupcakes for her upcoming house warmings. She was very specific with what she wants up to the colour and type of topping. But it's good... that save me from worrying if they will be able to accept the colour and flavors I choose! I usually worry when customers leave the choice to me coz everyone have really different taste buds! Since it was house warming, I added thank you tags on each....

flavor one: Vanilla base with orange & coconut topping

flavor two: strawberry base with chocolate topping & dagarees

flavor 3: chocolate base with blueberry & red heart topping

I really like the colour combination..

Of course I toyed around with it and added additional stuffs to enhance it... :P

Verdict: They loved it! So do I! :)

Hope you had a great house warming, Izah!

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