Monday, August 3, 2009

It is not 'JUST-A-CAKE'

I need to tell u a story... a story on how these standardize sets came about... 

I know cupcake is now a new 'fad' in malaysia and ard the world just like how doughnuts, rotiboy and etc were a 'fad'. But what's different between cupcakes with cream and cupcakes with 'sugar art' is... well, firstly - definitely the price and secondly... cupcakes with sugar art on it is no longer 'just-a-cake'!

It's not fair for me to get upset when I get lots of feedback such as 'huh? cake also so expensive?' or 'huh! 12 cupcakes so expensive? what if i cut down to 9?" I always cry silently to these questions...

Honestly, anyone can bake cupcakes. Just look up your favorite cake recipe, be it a simple sponge cake, those pre-mix cakes you can get at any stores or just google up for something u like and there u go! 20 minutes later u are waiting for a fresh batch of cupcakes baking in the oven. Seriously, if you want to give someone a gift and make it more personalized, why not you bake and I decorate? :)

But when u add on a piece of 'sugar art'... now, depending on what 'sugar art' u want... these little sugar arts (be it smaller or big) are very time consuming! Some can take up to 3-4 hours per figure! It is an art - not just-a-cake. An edible art to be more exact...

For the past 2 years (esp recently), I have been receiving a lot of orders which I have to turn down. I must have disappointed many of you but trust me, it is not easy on my part too - i feel very bad :( Whenever I accept an order, I strive to do my very best - and creativity needs inspiration and inspiration don't come easily! I don't have a template or anything like that. Each order is given different attention and different thought! Also, as an artist, I value my art pieces and hope you do too. 

Another question which I am asked all the time is "U sell cupcake? I want 9 pieces. How much?" or 'I want your price list' or 'I want to order one birthday cupcake set'... very often, I spend hours replying the same thing but it hit me, maybe it's all me... I've not made it easy for you.. Maybe i've not specified them clearly enough... and trust me... I'm planning more ways to make it easier for you all... To those of you who get really confused in finding information that you want... I am really sorry!

Hopefully, the birth of these new standardized sets to be launched real soon... will solve some of 'our' dilemma! Pricing for these 'pre-designed' sets will be a lot more affordable. But rest assured... these pre-designed sets are still customizable to a certain extent!

Customized orders will still be taken but each customized orders will be quoted after a clear discussion of your request!

Until then, stay tune! Thanks for having been so patient with me all this while!

Thank you!


Angeline said...

I entirely agree with your saying. I don't sell in set as some customers would not understand the meaning behind it and the time to create the team & theme. So that is why I go in pieces. Anyway, perhaps Penang works differently. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Yup! you nailed it right on the dot! this is exactly what I'm feeling.


Mama said...

I think we all need a few simple designs for people who are working within a budget but you're right. They're still work of art. Don't feel bad about turning down orders *HUGS*

Tammy Khoo said...

I would like to thank you for such lovely cake you had done for me within my budget.

I know the price is much more expensive but the quality + the uniqueness of the design + personal touch + custom made to my wishes is priceless.

When my parents saw the cake they were so touched and happy. Mum was nearly in tears. I hope to blog soon to tell people that patience and price is nothing when it comes to loves ones like mine.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.