Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My 1st tutorial - How to make sugarpaste Doraemon

1. Roll 4 different shaped balls - one should be bigger for the head, followed by a medium sized for the tummy and 2 small balls for the hand (note: i added wilton's royal blue to achieve this colour)

how to make fondant doraemon

2. Then, roll two balls of white paste - this is to form the legs. We should always start from the leg

how to make fondant doraemon

3. Place the white balls on to a foam and flatten them slightly
how to make fondant doraemon

4. On the tummy, using some white paste, roll them into the shape of a ball and flatten it to achieve the below. Else, you can also cut out a round shape from the white fondant.
how to make fondant doraemon

5. Now that the tummy is done, stick the two feet onto its tummy. You can use either water to be the gum, or u can add some water to CMC to create very good sugarpaste gum! Water usually works fine for me
how to make fondant doraemon

6. Using a black edible pen, draw a pocket on doraemon's tummy. Best to leave it till it is dry before you draw ( i was in a hurry - hence the uneven-ness)
how to make fondant doraemon

7. Next, let's add a chain and bell to doraemon! Roll out a small piece of red paste into a long sausage and stick it to doraemon's tummy. Then, roll a ball of yellow paste, using a toothpick, pierce a hole in the middle to create a more bell looking shape. Now, leave the body to dry...
how to make fondant doraemon

8. For the hands, roll out two balls of blue paste. And them roll them out to create the below. One end should be smaller than the other. At the bigger end, flatten them.
how to make fondant doraemon

9. Then glue them on to the body like the picture. Don't worry if it looks ugly now :P Also, add in a spaghetti stick right in the middle of the body to hold the head later.
how to make fondant doraemon

10. For the face, do the same thing. Either roll out some white paste into a ball and flatten them or use a round shape cutter to get a round. Paste them onto the head. Remember to leave space for its eyes.
how to make fondant doraemon

11. Using the smaller side of the ball tool, create an indentation for the eye. Roll out two small balls of white paste.
how to make fondant doraemon

12. Stick them into the hole which you've made and voila!
how to make fondant doraemon

13. For the eyes, roll two balls of black paste and paste them on. Use the ball tool to flatten the ball out nicely. Also roll a ball of red paste to create doraemon's red nose.
how to make fondant doraemon

14. Using black edible pen again, draw its whiskers! Again, it's advisable to wait till it dries. Else u will get not-so-nice whiskers like what i did. For its mouth, using red paste, roll it out and using a small round cutter, cut a thin round shape. Cut this into half to create the mouth.
how to make fondant doraemon

15. Finally, stick the head onto the body - right in the middle of the spaghetti stick. Make sure it's centralized because the head is bigger than the body. To finish it up, add 2 balls to its hand!
how to make fondant doraemon

Hope this helps! feel free to email me for more instructions to this if needed! :)
this is made specially for soo chin from mcdc :)


Brandy L said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest thing i've ever seen! Thanks for the tutorial. Great job on your first Tutorial. :D

Anonymous said...


u made the doraemon seem soo easy! now my problem is solved!

Thanks! Muaks! :)

soo chin

ween said...

glad u guys like it! hopefully, there will be more to come?

Kim said...

hi, what kind of paste you use to make this? gumpaste? sugar paste?


lyndsay said...

oh i LOVE DORAEMON!! awesome!!! thanks for sharing! :)

Huey said...

glad I found this..can you teach more detail on how to do the sugar paste? or just start a class for teaching will be better ..:D
i will definately the first one to register...Thanks for sharing...

Rachat de credit said...

Thank you so much it was a wonderful support, now to make sugarpaste doraemon is definitely simple with your advice. Thanks

Shamsul555 said...

Owh My~!!! This Doraemon is soo cute!!!