Friday, August 21, 2009

Kid bro leaving for Perth

My kid bro left to start a new chapter of his studying life in Perth...
earlier this year in April!

And in about a month's time he will finish his 1st year foundation already!

I meant to post this up right after he left... hahaha but oh well...
Kid bro left for perth
There's actually a story behind this... 9 years back when i first left home to go study in Australia.. this was also quite the scenario only that my kid bro was only less than 10 and could fit inside the entire trolley! and my now-husband... was busy playing & pushing him ard the airport! That was when I realized how important I am to the both of them... they were having so much FUN 'sending me' off! *sigh*

anyways... a message that's better late than never...


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