Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cheese + Mouse = Crazy Happy!

A "cheesey" cake for a little girl's 1st birthday... the cheese & mouse theme was chosen because the little girl is born in the year of mouse! It may look like a 2-tier cake but it's really just a one tier cake with a big slice cut out and placed as the top tier! :) I had so much fun creating this! :)

rat & cheese

rat & cheese

rat & cheese

rat & cheese

rat & cheese

rat & cheese

Hope it was a great 1st birthday celebration!


OurCarsAndCops said...

i'm pretty sure thats the cutest cake I have EVER seen!!!

faithy, the baker said...

Adorable cake! I love cute little mouse..:) And the cheese cake is very very well done! Awesome! :)

tiffany said...

how do you get such neat cheese holes in the cake?xxx

タマネギちゃん said...

This is so so cute

Steve Mouse said...

One of the cutest cakes I’ve ever seen. The mice are adorable and the cake looks delicious.